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Logo: TecnoLab» TecnoLab
TecnoLab is the magazine dedicated to laboratory instruments and technologies, the place par excellence where future is tested. From sample preparation to the analysis, up to the applications in the main industrial sectors, Tecnolab focuses on the latest technologies on the market, hosting authoritative scientific studies in depth

Logo: Acqua & Aria» Acqua & Aria
A benchmark magazine dealing with the concrete solutions applied to environmental policies:


Logo: Acqua Agenda - Gas Agenda» Acqua Agenda - Gas Agenda
Com-Media S.r.l. realize:

AcquAgenda and GasAgenda, yearbooks dedicated to buyers of water and gas Italian market. internet website for Italian water and gas industry. Data banks of networks companies. Marketing services for suppliers of water and gas industry.

Logo: Alimenti & Bevande» Alimenti & Bevande
The reference point for regulations and case law on hygiene, safety and control of food products.

Logo: Ambiente & Sicurezza sul Lavoro» Ambiente & Sicurezza sul Lavoro
The trade journal Ambiente & Sicurezza sul Lavoro, edited since 1985 by Gruppo Epc, provides a qualified update about risk management and prevention for workers and environmental conservation.

Ambiente & Sicurezza sul Lavoro is a necessary work device for safety managers, local authorities, services companies, specialists in prevention and consultant experts in risk management.

Logo: Chimica e Ambiente» Chimica e Ambiente
Indispensable elements to conceive an industrial production that may help us to overcome the economical and ecological crisis we are living. Aiming at an increasingly widespread and environmentally-friendly quality of life

Logo: Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today» Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today
Peer reviewed, bimonthly journal, specialized in fine chemistry, pharmaceuticals, analytical technologies, chemical engineering and biotechnology.

Logo: CMI» CMI
Monthly magazine of the components and the services for the engineering and

maintenance of industrial plants.

Logo: Comunicare Energia» Comunicare Energia
The interactive, free and multimedia magazine focused on renewable energies and energy saving: an easy-to-navigate digital.

Logo: Guida Edilizia» Guida Edilizia
Web portal focusing on building, construction and architecture.

Logo: Guida Energia» Guida Energia
The online reference portal for energy saving and renewable energies operators dedicated to companies, designers, certifiers and the professionals.

Logo: Hi-Tech Ambiente» Hi-Tech Ambiente
HI-TECH AMBIENTE: management and environmental technologies. Official organ of ASSITA - Italian Association of Environmental Technologies, and member of EEP - European Environmental Press.

Logo: ICF» ICF
ICF - is a new magazine specially dedicated to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, building however on the 25 years' experience of the publisher working for leading publications in the sector. This new magazine aims to offer its readers an all-round view on the activity of two fundamental sectors for Italy's industrial system, thus providing a qualified working instrument with detailed presentations of the technical innovations in these important fields.

Logo: Industrial Hygiene News» Industrial Hygiene News
IHN informs and educates occupational safety and health professionals dealing with workplace safety

Logo: L'Ambiente» L'Ambiente
Technical press. Publishing of journals and books on environmental technician

Logo: L’Acqua» L’Acqua
"L'Acqua", edited by the Italian Hydrotechnical Association, is a by-monthly magazine entirely dedicated to Water Engineering.

Logo: La Chimica e l'Industria» La Chimica e l'Industria
The official organ of SCI - The Italian Chemical Company, for over 90 years 'La Chimica e l'Industria' is the reference monthly magazine for the chemical industry and the sectors connected with it.

Logo: Lab - Il mondo del laboratorio» Lab - Il mondo del laboratorio
The world of laboratory, is the technical magazine born for the purpose of combining communication and technology to provide special information regarding all what concerns the multi-faceted laboratory world.

The web portal of the review Lab; here a professional person of the sector could find informations about laboratory equipment.

Logo: NCF - Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico» NCF - Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico
The Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico is a technical-scientific magazine which, since 1961, is sent out to the entire management of the pharmaceutical industry particularly involved in production, laboratories, quality control, logistics, packaging, marketing, safety, control and research laboratories.

Logo: Pollution Equipment News» Pollution Equipment News
PEN informs and educates professionals in the air pollution control, water, wastewater, and hazardous waste disposal industries

Logo: Reti Idriche & Gas» Reti Idriche & Gas
Development and maintenance of the national water and gas system, that includes water-works and sawage system, drainages and irrigations.

Logo: Studio Pap» Studio Pap
Functional and management advices and training projects on safety, process efficiency and situational consciousness for public and private laboratories of health, research, industry and education areas.