WATERMED is the exhibition area dedicated to machinery, technologies and instrumentation for the treatment, distribution and engineering of water and wastewater, taking place during and part of CHEM-MED.

The macro exhibition sectors of WATERMED are:

  • Treatment of water and wastewater
  • Collection and distribution of water
  • Measurement, control and laboratory technologies
  • Services

Alongside the exhibition area, WATERMED will also include a detailed and qualified conference programme, involving representatives from universities, research bodies, institutions, associations and the industry, which will offer companies, professionals, scientists and technicians from all water technologies sectors an important opportunity of training and updating.

WATERMED will also deal with topics such as water management, the analyses and treatment of civil and industrial wastewater, the challenges that we will have to face in the future in terms of desertification, the growing number of people who do not have a regular water supply, aiming at providing solutions for the future, also in view of EXPO 2015.