IYC Special Event - "Innovation in chemical-analytical instrumentation"

"The main bottleneck in the transfer of the results of the research with regards to industrial and civil applications is often the lack of suitable instrumentation. Many instruments created for specific operations, are, with great difficulty, modified by their manufacturers for new applications. This contributes in increasing costs, by using external workers. And yet, the level of innovation of chemical instrumentation in Europe and, in particular, in Italy, is highly advanced. It is therefore clear that a closer relationship between researchers and manufacturers of instruments would improve the compatibility of balance and the achievement of new goals along the route that from research leads to a higher quality of life. And for this reason the need – and commitment – of CHEM-MED in favour of this closer relationship".
(Luigi Campanella)

The UN has proclaimed 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry (IYC), handing over the responsibility of the event to UNESCO and IUPAC, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

In celebration of the conquests of chemistry and of its contribution to the wellbeing of mankind, CHEM-MED 2011 will organize, in collaboration with SCI-Società Chimica Italiana (Italian Chemical Society), the special event "Innovation in chemical-analytical instrumentation" (6 October, Natta Room, Hall 3). A special set-up area will, in fact, be dedicated to the most significant innovations of the sector, and the event will also include a workshop chaired by Luigi Campanella, past President of SCI and professor of chemistry at the Università La Sapienza of Rome. The event will be an important opportunity of visibility for participating companies, also thanks to the attention the fair, which is part of the official events of the IYC, is gaining from the press.


Participating Companies

Merck Millipore


Mettler Toledo




Perkin Elmer


TQ Technologies


In collaboration with:

Societą Chimica Italiana Unesco